Jonathan Coachman Says Ariel Helwani Is Banned From UFC Events


Over the weekend, UFC media personality Ariel Helwani attended WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event in Montreal. Helwani recently made headlines for a Twitter exchange between himself and AEW President Tony Khan. Helwani and Khan had a contentious interview back in October 2022, an interview Helwani called “the worst of his career.”

WWE gave a nod to the social media exchange during Saturday night’s pay-per-view event, noting on commentary that Helwani is “unbiased” and will ask the tough questions, whether “you want to answer or not.”


This did not sit well with former WWE performer Jonathan Coachman. Coachman had plenty to say about Helwani in a series of tweets. Coachman wrote,

It’s really cool to see an event that Ariel can actually get in the building for. I would be excited also. If you don’t know NOW YOU KNOW!!!! 1. Ariel is not allowed in the building for ufc events. And espn clearly didn’t know ‘when they hired him. Which is why he only lasted one contract. Also the mockery he makes of pro wrestling like he could EVER do it not only upsets me but alot of people actually IN the business. When you do this for a living like I did for well over 10 years. Look back at the last year. Talking trash to actually wrestlers like Booker T on a talk show when he is 140 pounds soaking wet. He is a fan. That’s it. He is not and never will be. Fans are not WWE talent.

Over 20 years on and off. 16 Wrestlemanias. Actually participated in 2 Royal Rumbles. I think I am qualified. Not bitter. I just respect the business whether I am still in it or not. Wrestlers can’t stand it when an outsider comes in and doesn’t respect their space. I KNOW. I know the whole thing. Believe me I saw that too. I have been on both sides. An interviewer and also a talent in the ring. You either have to be one or the other. And when you are 140 pounds and won’t get physical EVER than don’t talk trash and be a journalist. They will use anyone especially if that person is from Montreal. Trust me Triple H not having an issue is way different then a regular wrestling. HHH has a show to promote and they know fanboy will do whatever they want him to do.”

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