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Konnan – Claudio Castagnoli Is A Good “Supporting Cast Guy”



Wrestling veteran Konnan believes that Claudio Castagnoli has proven himself to be a reliable name in wrestling but is not a leading man.

Speaking on his “K100” podcast, Konnan discussed the importance of having a well-rounded roster and gave his views on Castagnoli. He said,

“I would always keep him. Great guy, great for locker room chemistry, which is important. He’s liked and respected by everyone, which is important. He’s good for putting together matches, plus he can go. Great shape. Not everyone… let me explain something… Not everybody is blessed with the Joe ‘David Lee Roth’ Feeney charisma. And for those who don’t know who David Lee Roth is, look up Van Halen. 

“Not everybody in Queen can be Freddie Mercury, or The Doors, or in movies, you’ve got your stars, your supporting cast, guys who have a few lines. Maybe he isn’t your star, but he’s a good supporting cast guy. Wrestling is no different. Know your lane. The problem is, everybody thinks they’re a star, whether it’s social media, podcasting, wrestling. Sometimes you have to know your role and appreciate it, and sometimes if you really believe in yourself, you go elsewhere. I think his problem, yeah, definitely is charisma, but he’s someone I would definitely keep around.”

Castagnoli being a ‘good supporting cast guy’ hasn’t prevented him from capturing the ROH World Championship twice, a title he holds to this day.

The Swiss wrestler will put his title on the line against Eddie Kingston’s NJPW Strong Openweight Champion at AEW Grand Slam.

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