Kurt Angle On The Reception To Wrestling Veterans Joining TNA Wrestling


The TNA Wrestling roster was excited for major stars like Kurt Angle to join the promotion, but it didn’t take long for concern to set in.

After exiting WWE in 2006 over reportedly refusing to enter rehab, Angle joined TNA Wrestling that same year and would become a multi-time World Champion.


Speaking on his “Kurt Angle Show,” the Olympian said that TNA originals were excited to see him and other legends join at first. He added,

“Listen, these guys were excited when we joined TNA. You know, Kevin, Sting, myself. They were excited because they were like, ‘Wow, Kurt Angle just joined, we’re going to be a stronger company.'”

“But once we got in there, they [the TNA originals] were like, ‘Wait a minute, where do we go? Why did we drop a level?’ And I understand, and I don’t blame them for that. But you’re gonna have to have people come in from other companies to make this company grow. They needed some bigger stars.”

Angle would remain with TNA Wrestling until 2016 and would return to WWE to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in early 2017.

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