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WWE Anticipates Filing Motion To Compel Arbitration & Stay In Janel Grant Lawsuit



As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, there is a legal dispute between Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and former WWE employee Janel Grant, wherein Grant is alleging sex trafficking, sexual assault, and other claims against the two individuals and WWE.

According to a new court document, WWE is expected to file a motion to compel arbitration and stay the ongoing legal action.

McMahon filed his motion on April 23, in which he stated that his relationship with Grant was consensual and denied any wrongdoing.

McMahon also argued that Grant breached an agreement between them, which caused him to withhold her payment.

Meanwhile, Laurinaitis, who claimed to have been a victim of McMahon, joined the former WWE Chairman in filing to compel arbitration on May 2.

If WWE decides to proceed with the arbitration process, it has until May 14 to file for it. Grant, on the other hand, has until June 4 to oppose arbitration, following which the defendants will have until June 18 to respond to the opposition.

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