Kurt Angle Suffering From Memory Loss & “Damage To My Brain”


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has said he’s suffering from memory loss and damage to his brain stemming from his years in the ring.

Kurt who won Olympic Gold at the Atlanta 1996 Summer Games, made his WWF debut in 1999, and would go on to compete for Impact and other promotions.

During the latest episode of his podcast, Angle addressed the problems with his head after years of wrestling.

“I probably had four concussions that I know of. Major. One was a slight concussion that wasn’t too bad. The other three were pretty bad. But, you know, even to this day, I’m starting to not remember things, you know, and I’m only in my early 50s.

“I’ve gotten a little damage to my brain, there’s no doubt about it. You know, my memory is not that great anymore. I really have to think hard about remembering the past.”

Angle also recently teased involvement with WWE WrestleMania 39 next year, but will not be competing at the event.

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