Lana Teasing Uncensored Photos & Risque Exclusive Content


Former WWE Superstar CJ Perry (Lana) appears to be teasing the release of some uncensored content coming soon to her website ( The official signup page for the site features the following description:

“Hello, my name is CJ. I’m an actress, stuntwoman, storyteller, entrepreneur, and former WWE Superstar who wishes 50% of the time that should could be in a bikini 100% of the time. You also might know me as the woman my husband calls his, “hot, flexible wife” on TV. Let’s find out if he’s right together, shall we?

When you are a member, you will receive exclusive TikToks, exclusive videos, exclusive photos from your famous “hot flexible wife” exclusive never seen before photos and videos from the road and BTS from photo shoots and movie / TV sets. Exclusive funny stories and the occasional appearance of the “hot flexible wife’s” famous Bulgarian husband Miro. And yes, I will post at least 5 times a week or more.”

Fans can sign up for the exclusive content for $19.99 per month at this link.

It should be noted that there is no confirmation that she’ll be posing nude in the photos or videos that she’ll be uploading.

UPDATE: Lana has since deleted her original tweet but the signup page on her official website remains active.

In other news, you can check out the “Top 10 Moments” from Monday’s episode of RAW below:

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