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NewsLio Rush Reveals How He Retained His Ring Name In WWE

Lio Rush Reveals How He Retained His Ring Name In WWE



WWE has a tendency of renaming and repackaging most top free agents when they sign with the company or get called up to the main roster, but back in 2018, Lio Rush was among the few exceptions.

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, Lio revealed how and why he was able to keep his name. He said,

“That was big (that I got to keep my name in WWE). They tried to make me change my name. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was gonna have a different name… No, no (I don’t remember what it was gonna be). I really don’t know what happened to make them just say, you know what? Just let him be Lio Rush but I’m glad that it happened.”

Rush performed in a variety of roles in WWE, serving as Bobby Lashley’s manager at one point, while also being one of best Cruiserweight Champions in the title belt’s short tenure when he went back to NXT.

During the same podcast, Lio Rush also discussed regaining his lost love for professional wrestling. You can check out what he had to say here.

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