Mark Henry’s Injury + Original SD Plans Leaked


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

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— WWE shipped 292,000 DVD units in December. The most shipped DVD’s for 2011 were WrestleMania with 236,000, Best of WCW Nitro with 142,000, Steve Austin’s DVD with 121,000, the History of WrestleMania with 120,000, Randy Orton’s DVD with 113,000 and the DX DVD at 110,000.

— With the delay of the WWE Network, WWE Legends’ House is currently scheduled to air on Syfy. Production is scheduled for February 17 through March 17, with the deadline for the finished product “roughly” set for late April.

— Mark Henry’s knees went out in a match against Big Show on January 24th in Tucson, Arizona. The belief is that Henry’s body was overcompensating because of the groin injury and that he shouldn’t have been in the ring.

According to a script from the SmackDown show, Daniel Bryan was supposed to run-in when Mark Henry was down and take out Big Show with a chair, like he did. Show was supposed to come back and chokeslam him with Henry then laying out Bryan with a splash. Henry was in so much pain he couldn’t get up and splash Bryan.

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