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Mark Henry’s Son Headed To Japan Next Year To Train With Fred Rosser



You can check out the updated lineup for this weekend’s episode of WOW – Women Of Wrestling below:

* Big Rig Betty & Holly Swag vs. Sylvia Sanchez & Vivian Rivera
* Vickie Lynn McCoy speaks
* Reina Del Rey & Wrecking Ball set their sights on the Tag Team Championships

In other news, Mark Henry’s son Jacob will be headed to Japan in the summer of 2024 to train with Fred Rosser.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “A to Z” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that his son is looking to step into the world of professional wrestling. He said,

“If he could go and wrestle now, he wouldn’t go to college. He loves pro wrestling. This is a dude that won State in wrestling. He’s a good amateur wrestler and has offers from Wisconsin, Oklahoma, big Division I schools, same thing for football. He’s better than I was at that age. I can talk psychology of wrestling to Jacob like I can talk with Undertaker. That’s the way he’s been taught. When he does become a professional wrestler, I told him the pitfalls he’s going to run into because people are going to be like, ‘You’ve never wrestled before, I don’t want to listen to you.’ I told him, you’re gonna have to whoop some people’s ass, because wrestling, people need a level of respect that you have to have. A lot of that respect comes from the office. The office is what gives the key. Your life is in danger when you go in there. When you walk between those ropes and you have somebody not wanting to do the best job for you, you have to make them. He’s under that understanding. When he does decide to do it, I feel sorry for the dude who doesn’t try to do the right thing by him, because he has the dog in him. I’m not telling him to be a bully, we don’t do that. Jacob sits with the handicapped kids at school so people don’t pick on them. That’s who he is. He’s a good dude. It’s the quiet ones that will get you. He’s going to be educated.”

He continued, “I told him, when you go into wrestling, you need a pretty package. That’s why he’s going to college, to have experience and create a legacy for himself that is outside of me and his mom. I want him to have some college footage. He said during the summers that he is going to go to Japan. Already has three or four guys that are over there. After his first year, summer in college, he’s gonna go to Japan with Darren Young [Fred Rosser] and start learning how to work. I said, ‘what if you get drafted in the first or second round?’ He was like, ‘I’ll play maybe five or six years and retire early.’ He wants to wrestle.”

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