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NewsMark Jindrak Disputes WWE's Account Of His Departure From Evolution

Mark Jindrak Disputes WWE’s Account Of His Departure From Evolution



During a recent appearance on the Cafe De Rene with Rene Dupree podcast, Mark Jindrak refuted the idea that his removal from Evolution came down to both Ric Flair and Triple H wanting to replace him. Instead, Jindrak would state that “it was just Triple H.”

The idea that it came down to both Flair and Triple H was most recently shown in WWE’s Ruthless Aggression docuseries. During his appearance on the show with Dupree, Jindrak would comment on the episode regarding what it got correct and what it did not regarding his time with Evolution.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what the episode got right about his time in WWE at that time: “What was true was me and Orton, he obviously calls us jackoffs, and we were jackoffs. Renee will tell you, me and Orton would travel together. One time Rosey, god bless his soul, Rosey didn’t have his partner to travel with, I forget who he travelled with. He wasn’t on the tour one week and he asked me if he could hop in with me and Orton, I was like, ‘yeah sure.’ By the time we got to Raw, he f**king dipped in another car. He was like, ‘you guys are too much, man.’ And we were, we were too much.

“We goofed off too much, chasing girls too much. They were right to split us up because we probably would have continued. And as soon as they split us up, he took it a little more seriously and he was a World Champion not long afterward.”

On Triple H’s claim that he and Ric Flair wanted Jindrak out of Evolution: “It was kind of funny how Triple H was so blatant, ‘Yeah, me and Ric didn’t want him in the group.’ It wasn’t Ric, because I can tell stories when me and Orton were in the car riding with Ric and Triple H. The problem was Triple H wanted to talk about f**king hot tags and s**t. A three-hour ride he wanted to talk about armbars and hot tags and s**t for three hours, and I understood it. He wanted to talk x’s and o’s, but Flair wanted to talk about young stuff like girls and clubs. So when he said, ‘me and Flair thought it was a bad idea,’ it was just Triple H.”

On his overall portrayal in the episode: “The portrayal was kind of weak as well. If you watched that thing if you weren’t a wrestling fan. Or you didn’t know that I went from Mark Jindrak to Marco Corleone, you would think, ‘I would put $100 that this guy’s a crackhead in about a year.’

“They make it look like it was the end all be all, ‘he didn’t make Evolution so he must have killed himself.’ It wasn’t like that at all. I went and regrouped, and f*cking went to Mexico and had a great career for myself. That’s the portrayal, but they’re always going to do that.”

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