Matt Cardona On A Possible WWE Return, Confirms It Would Not Be As Zack Ryder


During a recent appearance on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, Matt Cardona opened up on a possible return to WWE, having more value as Cardona than Zack Ryder, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On a possible return to WWE: I would love, you know — I would have a conversation. I’m not saying we haven’t already. Not saying we have or have not, who’s to say? I think Zack Ryder’s dead, you know? Would it be cool? A ‘Woo woo woo,’ would that get a bigger pop maybe for one night as opposed to the ‘Alwayz Ready’? Maybe, because that’s more familiar with the WWE Universe and audience. But if I were to go back, I think it has to be as Matt Cardona. I say like, you know, Razor Ramon came back as Scott Hall, you know what I’m saying? The Zack Ryder thing — listen, I’m so fortunate for that time as Zack Ryder. It has set me up. When I say WWE was my developmental, that’s not a shot, that’s not anti-WWE. WWE taught me everything. It taught me how to have this run in all these promotions. It taught me how to do these interviews. It taught me how to be a superstar. So I’m forever grateful to WWE for that. But if I ever go back, I think it has to be as me, as Matt Cardona. To go back as Zack Ryder — eh, you know? That’s how I feel.”

On having more value as Cardona than Ryder: “There’s no way I’d be making towns doing the ‘Woo woo woo,’ Broski boot, you know. A special occasion? Sure. Even now I do it as a special occasion. But I have no desire to to do that… I’ve totally reinvented myself. And you know, some things strategic, some things just being always ready for any situation. I did not plan, ‘Oh I’m going to be this deathmatch guy. It happened. It fell to my lap and I made the most of the opportunity. Did it blow up and explode way more than I could have imagined? Yes, but I ran with that. And I think that’s what ‘Alwayz Ready’ is all about. Being always ready for any and all opportunities. Not everything’s going to be a success, not everything is going to get me to that next level. But I have to at least try. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted was an opportunity to try.”

On making more now than in WWE: “I’m not saying I’m getting rich off these foam fingers, or getting rich off these ‘Alwayz Ready’ dog tags. You make a little here, you make a little there and at the end of the year, holy s**t. I mean, this might be hard to believe but I made more money in 2022 than I made in any year in my WWE career. And you think about that for a second. An independent wrestler, unsigned, making more money than a WWE contract. That is the truth because I busted my ass.”

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