Matt Cardona Wants A Cinematic Match With Zack Ryder


Matt Cardona has chosen an unlikely name for his dream cinematic match: himself!

Cardona competed for WWE as Zack Ryder until his release in April 2020 and has competed in several promotions since then.


Speaking in an interview with Kevin Kellam, Cardona spoke about facing his WWE persona but questioned how it would be pulled off.

“I would love to do it [Matt Cardona vs. Zack Ryder] in a cinematic match. I don’t have the skills to do that kind of edit job.

“If there’s someone listening who knows how to do it, I would love how to do it … I’ve thought about doing something like that before. It’d be really, really fun.”

While Ryder is remembered as a lovable babyface who fans got behind, Cardona has established himself as a heel in various promotions.

The 37-year-old is a former GCW Heavyweight Champion and NWA World Heavyweight Champion but vacated the latter due to an injury.

Cardona will challenge current NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus in a three-way match for the title at this week’s NWA Hard Times pay-per-view event.

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