Matt Hardy Responds To A Troll Fan, Paris De Silva Knocked Out, More


Matt Hardy recently responded to a fan who took some shots at AEW. The Twitter user commented on a tweet during his recent feud with Jim Cornette, calling AEW “silly and stupid”. Hardy replied to the tweet with the following,

“People love @AEW, dumbass. #AEWDynamite WAS THE #1 TV SHOW ON CABLE THIS WEEK!

I know you CAnon bootlickers have to follow archaic beliefs & spew these things, which happened over a year ago.

AEW is here to stay. Let a friend know via telegram/rotary phone & spread the word!”

Paris De Silva was legitimately knocked out during the main event of Saturday’s PWA Black Label show. The event aired live on FITE TV and De Silva was involved in a PWA Tag-Team Title match with Jude London against Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher. De Silva was responsive backstage and taken to a hospital. De Silva took to Twitter today, saying,

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