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NewsMaven Reveals How Much Money He Made During His WWE Run, Jimmy...

Maven Reveals How Much Money He Made During His WWE Run, Jimmy Hart/Pretty Deadly



While Maven hasn’t been seen in WWE for many, many years now, he was still paid fairly well during his short stint with the company.

Taking to his Twitter account, the WWE alumnus revealed the earnings he made during his run from 2001 to 2005. In total, Maven says he made around $800,000 during that timeframe.

You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On how much he made for his first WWE contract: “The first ever downside guarantee I ever signed, right after Tough Enough, was for $50,000.”

On the most he made for a PPV: “The most I ever made on a pay-per-view, I forget which one is was, was $30,000.”

On what his best year was financially: “How much did I make in my best year? Right around $430,000. That was my best year on pay sheets. That was a year I remained injury free, that was a year I was on one all the house shows, the overseas trips, pay-per-views, I had a good storyline. The writing staff really utilized me for the entire year. The key to that is remaining injury free. The moment you get injured, the moment you go back to your downside guarantee, you don’t have the possibility of earning this much.”

On his worst year financially: “What was my worst year? A year that, for more than two-thirds of the year I was nursing a broken leg, and my downside guarantee being at $75,000 at the time, a little over $80,000. That was my worst year.”

On his royalty checks: “I still get four quarterly checks from royalties. The Network killed our DVD sales, so royalty checks went down dramatically over the years. On average, my royalties, pre-Network, was around $5,000 every quarter. Today, it’s different, my royalty now per quarter is $300.”

On how much he made for his entire WWE run: “About $800,000.”

In other news, Jimmy Hart has nothing but high praise for Pretty Deadly.

Appearing on a recent edition of “The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, The Mouth of the South praised Kit Wilson & Elton Prince as being future Superstars. He said,

“Yeah, Pretty Deadly. I like those kids, you know why? Because they remind me of my era, they talk big, they get knocked around, but they’re colorful. They’re not real big giant guys, I like them. I think they can draw some really big money, I’d love to — if I had a chance to do it again, that’s who I’d like to be with.”

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