Melissa Santos Speaks On Working For Impact Wrestling, Relationship With Brian Cage


Melissa Santos recently appeared on new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s Women’s Wrestling Weekly. The following highlights were sent to us:


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MELISSA SANTOS TALKS POST BABY WORKOUTS: Running after this baby is cardio; for any parents, you guys know. She is crawling everywhere, but I just think the same discipline I had  before… as an athlete my whole life… that’s why I enjoy wrestling so much. I love watching it. It’s so beautiful. And it takes that discipline and translate it into mommyhood. I have to learn to relax a little bit more. I was able to plan things accordingly before and everything was just more strict. With a child now, you are on their schedule, but I get it in; even if it’s like 30 mins. When she was first born and I couldn’t go to the gym, I started working out about a month in, very lightly ; cause having a baby is a big deal. So I let myself heal and I would just do workouts at home.

MELISSA TALKS ABOUT HER LUCHA UNDERGROUND FIGHT SCENE: We got the sign off and did some training for it, with the stunt guy and we just did it and it was cool. It was so cool. I had so much fun; I loved watching it. We basically fought all over the temple, it was really neat. I got to go through glass which by the way is sugar, guys. But it really cuts you.

MELISSA SANTOS TALKS ABOUT WHAT SHE HOPES WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT SEASON OF LUCHA UNDERGROUND: I would love to have something with me and Brian. Like couples are hot in wrestling. You know the thing is when we started dating, I had already started the whole thing with Fenix and it became a popular thing. So people enjoyed watching it. I feel like they’re working that angle. I respect that. That is the creative process and somethings just have to be worked out. But hopefully in the future something can like happen.

MELISSA SANTOS TALKS ABOUT THE FIRST TIME BRIAN PROPOSED TO HER: The proposal happened in April a month before I found out I was pregnant with her. She was kind of like my birthday gift and my birthday is on May 17th; which is coming around. I’m accepting all gifts.

MELISSA SANTOS TALKS ABOUT WHEN SHE FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT: I actually just came back from Pakistan, I did a tour in Pakistan. Pakistan is so beautiful; hopefully I can do that again. Yeah, I came back and I thought I was jet lagged, I peed on a stick or two or three. I’m not going to lie, I peed on five. I was like ‘What’s happening’. I was terrified and I was scared. And Brian was in Japan killing it and he was like ‘No way’.. And I was like ‘Yeah’

MELISSA SANTOS TALKS ABOUT WORKING WITH IMPACT: It looks like I’ll be doing some stuff with Impact. I’m super excited. It hasn’t been officially announced. We just need to figure things out, especially since everyone is crossing over back and forth. I would love to ring announce.

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