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Mickie James Shares What Vince McMahon Told Her After Trash Bag Gate


Mickie James was part of the trash bag incident last month. 

This incident was her personal belongings being sent to her by WWE in a trash bag that resulted in Mark Carrano being blamed for it and fired.

James was on a recent episode of Oral Sessions and during it, she talked about what Vince McMahon told her after the situation. 

I talked to Vince [McMahon] personally, and I spoke to Johnny (John Laurinaitis) after,” James recalled. “And I got messages and just texts from people. Everyone was super apologetic, and we got the flowers. That was nice. It was just nicer to have a conversation with Vince. He was like, ‘This is not what I think of you, and I respect you as a talent.’ For me, that was the conversation, I guess, I needed to have to say, ‘Okay, that’s cool.’ It’s cool.

“It’s not like I’m out here going like, ‘Oh, F those guys or anything’ because it’s just not who I am. I would just rather be like, ”Okay,’ but it’s nice to bring awareness to it. It’s just more nice to say, ‘Hey, we can’t treat people like this. You can’t do that. That’s bulls**t, just have a little respect in that sense,’ and I don’t feel like it was an intentional disrespect, but it just more goes in line with how it goes sometimes.

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