​More On The Sin Cara/Sheamus Backstage Fight


UPDATE x 2: Last night it was reported that
Sheamus and Sin Cara (Hunico) had some kind of altercation backstage at this
week’s TV tapings.

According to a source, the fight did not take pace at this week’s
TV tapings. The altercation reportedly took place a few weeks ago, and news just
got out this week. Sources within WWE have stated that the altercation did take
place, and that if the fight had not been broken up, it could have “gotten
really bad” for Sheamus.

The two have reportedly cleared the air and all is now well. That
is the reason for Sheamus’ tweet last night.

UPDATE: Sheamus tweeted the following regarding
reports that there was some sort of altercation between the two at this week’s
TV tapings:

report says that a scuffle went down backstage between Sheamus and Sin

Few details are available as to the cause or whether it was at the
RAW or SmackDown tapings, but one source noted that Sin Cara got the better of
Sheamus in the altercation.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear

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