​Natalya Says Charlotte Is “An Incredible Ambassador To WWE”, & More


WWE Diva Natalya recently took part in an international media call to promote WrestleMania 32. Regarding current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, “Nattie” said,

“There is something very special about Charlotte. Three years ago I was talking to Triple H and I was telling him about some of the different girls that I had worked with or seen… I remember wrestling Charlotte in her first televised match in NXT, not the TakeOver match but the one before that, it was like seven minutes. I said to Triple H, “she is a diamond, she’s very special.” I truly felt this magical chemistry between her and myself. Every time we lock up, every time we put our hands on each other, it’s just something really special. I can’t really explain it, it’s just a chemistry that I have with her. I feel the way that she carries herself backstage, in the ring and in front of people, she’s very consistent. She’s very professional, but she’s also an asskicker in the ring… Charlotte is an incredible ambassador of our company she is someone I would support and endorse in a heartbeat.”

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