NJPW Announces More Wrestlers For Meet & Greet At CharaExpo USA


NJPW issued the following:

More wrestlers added to the Meet and Greet lineup! President Meij also participates the Meet and Greet!!

More information about CharaExpo USA

Japanese Homepage: https://bushiroad.com/charaexpousa2018

English Homepage: https://www.charaexpo-usa.com/

Wrestler Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet Lineup

November 10 (Sat): Jyushin Thunder Liger, Ryusuke Taguchi, Rocky Romero, Jeff Cobb

November 11 (Sun): David Finlay, ACH, Hirooki Goto, Kenny Omega

President Meij also participates the Meet and Greet!

How to participate: A Meet & Greet Ticket is required

Purchase Meet & Greet Tickets as follows: You will receive an Exchange Coupon for every $30 spent on merchandise at the in-venue Bushiroad Store.  * Maximum of 3 coupons per purchase

These can be exchanged for Meet & Greet Tickets at the Coupon Exchange Counter.

* Your Meet and Greet Ticket will specify which wrestler’s meet & greet you can take part in.

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