Ortiz & Santana Forced To Change Theme Song Because Of YouTube


Proud & Powerful had to change their entrance theme because of YouTube flagging AEW’s videos, according to Ortiz. During a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, the AEW star revealed they had to switch from Bodega Bamz’ “Proud N Powerful” to “I Am Proud, I Am Powerful” because the song was causing issues on the video platform.

Ortiz said (per Fightful): “We’ve been very fortunate to know rappers, shoutout to Bodega Bamz, he was our first entrance music. We had to change it. A lot of people asked why we changed our music. We were having a lot of issues because Bodega Bamz put up our theme song on Spotify and other streaming services.

YouTube would get flagged every single time we would do Dark or a clip of our song would be on YouTube, it would cause issues. If they put up a three-hour Dark: Elevation [show], if our music played, they would flag the whole entire three-hour Dark: Elevation because of our music. We were having so much issues, which is why we changed our theme song.”

The duo are set to team with Eddie Kingston on next week’s AEW Dynamite against Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, & Daniel Garcia.

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