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NewsPacket Sent To Furloughed WWE Employees & Possible End Date

Packet Sent To Furloughed WWE Employees & Possible End Date



As you all may know, the WWE has gone through one of its massive cuts in many years. The majority of WWE employees who were furloughed received a packet that was released to several wrestlers yesterday.

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Earlier today, WrestlingINC reported that all employees who were furloughed would receive a packet. The packet stated they were released due to the “current level of work available as a result of COVID-19.” This was an unforeseen circumstance that is deemed a natural disaster of sorts for the WWE.

The furlough end date is July 1st 2020. However, this is subject to change given the day-to-day circumstances the wrestling business is in right now. The WWE has the right to terminate this furlough period at any time of their choosing without prior warning. The company will continue to keep all employees informed of their future decisions.

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These WWE Superstars will not be receiving a paycheck, but will be eligible for health care, health insurance and unemployment benefits (CARES Act). All former WWE talent will receive up to $600 per week for unemployment insurance. This packet may not apply to all employees.

Which release was the most shocking to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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