Presser: The Death Of Jimmy Snuka’s Ex-Girlfriend


As reported today, it was announced that a Pennsylvania County grand jury will investigate the 1983 death of Nancy L. Argentino, the girlfriend of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

District Attorney Jim Martin determined that after taking a “fresh look” at the cold case, there is enough evidence for the Lehigh County grand jury to review it. His decision to re-examine the case stemmed from a report in the Allentown, Pennsylvania-based newspaper The Morning Call seven months ago, which published a story concerning Argentino’s death. The article revealed an autopsy report and police interviews that were never released to the public.

The following press release concerning the case was issued.


Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin has directed that evidence in the 1983 death of Nancy L. Argentino of New York be presented to the Seventh Investigating Grand Jury.

Argentino, 23, of Brooklyn, N.Y., died on May 11, 1983, in Allentown.

District Attorney Martin has issued the following statement regarding the death:

“Several months ago, I was contacted by the surviving sisters of Nancy L. Argentino, who died under unusual circumstances. I directed Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles F. Gallagher III to conduct a preliminary review of the investigative file and any and all evidence that was gathered over the past 30 years by the lead Detective, former Whitehall Township Detective and now Lehigh County Detective Gerald Procanyn, and others.

“Chief Deputy District Attorney Gallagher has recommended that the District Attorney’s Office utilize the power and resources of the current Investigating Grand Jury in this matter.

Accordingly, I directed that the circumstances surrounding the death of Nancy L. Argentino, and all evidence related thereto, be presented to the Seventh Investigating Grand Jury, which is currently empanelled.

“Grand Jury proceedings are a time-consuming process, and it will take months before the Grand Jury concludes its work on this case.

“Under the Investigating Grand Jury Act, 42 Pa.C.S.A. §4541 et seq., the proceedings of the Grand Jury are secret and may not be disclosed. Accordingly, I will have no further comment on this matter until the Investigating Grand Jury concludes its work.”

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