Report – The Failure Of Emma’s “Emmalina” Character Led To Her WWE Release


We reported last Sunday here on the website that Emma had been released from WWE. According to former WWE writer James McKenna during a recent edition of The Sheet Podcast, the failed repackaging of Emma with the “Emmalina” gimmick was said to have been a major factor in her release.

McKenna claims that during his time in WWE, Emma was “hard to work with.” According to him, Emma continuously shot down gimmick ideas that were presented to her by the WWE creative team. This reportedly became an issue for the creative team down the line.

McKenna’s claims seem to go hand in hand with a Sports Illustrated report, which said Emma had some “enemies” on the creative team and that contributed to her departure from the company. She was also very vocal about her WWE status on Twitter.

McKenna also went on to say that the failure of the Emmalina gimmick was the “last straw”.

According to him, the debut of the gimmick went so badly that the entire character was scrapped. The idea for the “Emmalina” character was created by Vince McMahon and according to sources, a lot of time was spent on it. McKenna says that Emma didn’t like the new character and that wound up giving Vince McMahon a bad impression of her.

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