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NewsReported Update on The Future of NXT TakeOver Events

Reported Update on The Future of NXT TakeOver Events



According to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer, citing a Triple H interview with Newsweek, the internal desire is for NXT to steadily run five to six TakeOver shows per year now that they have the backing of the USA Network.

Currently, the brand already runs about 5 a year but at least there is potential for a 6th event to take place under the black and gold banner.

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WrestleVotes had reported a similar plan earlier in the year:

A source states adding a 6th TakeOver event is a real possibility in 2020, all dependent on how the USA Network numbers look. The current TakeOver schedule of Jan, Mania weekend, June, Aug & Nov makes finding a slot for a 6th show a bit difficult.

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