Ric Flair Gives Update On Charlotte After WWE WrestleMania Loss


Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has said his daughter Charlotte is okay after her WrestleMania 39 loss to Rhea Ripley.

At WrestleMania 39 (Night One), Flair lost the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Ripley and was busted open during the match.


Speaking about his daughter on the latest episode of his “To Be The Man” podcast, Flair assured listeners that she is okay. He said,

“She’s fine. She’s got a bruise on her nose and a black eye, but between that and that slugfest they had in the middle toward the end, it was great. My hat’s off to Rhea Ripley. She let Ashley hit her as hard as I used to hit Steamboat. That’s what makes it real as opposed to Seth Rollins and Logan Paul laying on their back side by side and slapping each other in the chest. Come on. They’re both better than that. That looked bad compared to Ashley chopping Rhea. Come on. Let’s get serious.”

On the show, Flair reiterated that Charlotte’s match with Ripley should have headlined WrestleMania 39 (Night One).

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