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NewsRich Swann Is Looking For A Rematch With Kenny Omega

Rich Swann Is Looking For A Rematch With Kenny Omega



Rich Swann, who just announced that he re-signed with Impact Wrestling for another two years, recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast about a variety of subjects relating to his career.

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega, the AEW wrestler who previously defeated Swann for the Impact World Title, became a topic of discussion, as Swann reflected on the history between the two.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On becoming World Champion: “So personally, man, it just, it made me feel like all the doubters and the naysayers and the people that said ‘hey, you’re not gonna make it in this business as anything, because you’re 5 foot 6, you’re 175 pounds.’ ‘Oh, you’ll never be…’ I was able to show that gold and put it in their face. And you know, personally and professionally, professionally you know, it definitely put me at another level. I was able to wrestle one of the most revered wrestlers in our industry today, Kenny Omega, in a high profile Main Event match, you know what I’m saying. Two companies came together, AEW and IMPACT Wrestling, one pay-per-view, one ring, two world titles. I would have never gotten an opportunity wrestling in other places, and I was just, you know, elated.”

On Kenny Omega: “There’s a lot of unfinished business. We never got a rematch, you know what I’m saying? Man, I know that Forbidden Door is still open, your boy Cass just had a world title shot at IMPACT against Josh [Alexander]. You know what I mean? And he’s a part of AEW. Hey Kenny, this is a message to you. Don’t be scared, I know you beat me, I know you beat me. But hey, don’t be scared. Let’s run it back.”

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