Rick Boogs – ‘The Removal Of Vince McMahon 100% Killed My Career’


Rick Boogs took to YouTube on Sunday to post a video about “backstage political powerplay” resulting in his release from WWE this past Thursday.

While Boogs said he wouldn’t comment until the time is right, he has responded to several of the comments on his YouTube video. In one of his replies, Boogs said he could say with “100% certainty” that Vince McMahon’s removal from creative “killed [his] career.”


When asked about McMahon’s temporary removal from WWE, Boogs said,

“I can say with 100% certainty, the removal of Vince killed my career.”

When a fan claimed WWE is “going after Vince’s legacy” and “trying to take the testosterone out of WWE,” Boogs wrote,

“I can’t wait to give my opinion cuz it sounds like we’re totally on the same page”

When a fan said his character wasn’t very good, Boogs said,

“Well that’s your opinion, which is all that business was…opinions and politics. A lot of people tell me I was their favorite, mainly their kids favorite, which is the way it should be considering it’s a PG show. Also, aside from my time with Vince, the character wasn’t even given a chance…the audience has zero idea about all the bullshit I’ve had to put up with for the years. I have plenty to say once the times right”

On the notion that he was released because he was “too big,” Boogs said,

“As funny as that sounds, you’re not totally wrong..again, I’ll talk about it when I can”

And finally when a fan said WWE dropped the ball on him, Boogs wrote,

“Pretty much everyone in the corporate side of the company agreed which is why I was always the third party guy doing commercials for old spice, snickers, Mikes hard lemonade,and Toyota…however, one person clearly has some weird grudge against me”

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