World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Rikishi performs for the troops at Camp Victory, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq (IRQ) during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Rikishi Comments On Samoan Swat Team, WrestleMania IX


On the latest edition of Table Talk (see video below), former WWE Superstar Rikishi discussed his time as a member of the Samoan Swat Team in WCW and feuding with the Steiner Brothers.


On the Samoan Swat Team’s best rivalry: “Without a doubt, I’d have to say the Steiner Brothers. Yeah, we actually started working with those Usos in WCW, on the NWA back in the day. And it was like, once we tied up — we knew of them, but once we got to work together, you know, it was kind of right up our alley. Because we worked, but we were kinda — we worked snug. We worked kind of stiff. We were still try to find our way. But at the same time, as we kept working with these cats here, we didn’t know that they had a reputation of working stiff too. And so you know, being married to those cats there and then, finally moving up to the WWE [was the best run].”

On facing the Steiners at WrestleMania IX as the Headshrinkers: “I think it was when Yoko, when he wrestled Bret Hart in Las Vegas. I’m not sure what WrestleMania that was, when Hogan came and won the belt back from Yoko. But we actually wrestled the Steiner Brothers during that time in Las Vegas. And I tell you what, man. It was one of these matches that for me kind of went down in history of my legacy. That, to be able to perform that day with these cats right here is probably one of the best matches we had in the tag team level.”

On the easiest time they had to wrestle: “The easiest? Nah, I’d probably have to say you [D-Von] and Bubba, you know? Our matches are kind of, in a way, to where it was entertainment. And also, when you work — not to say I don’t love The Steiners and stuff, but when you’re working with somebody that you just care for? It’s not work. It’s like ribbing each other.”

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