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NewsRob Van Dam Breaks Down How AEW Reflects Modern Wrestling

Rob Van Dam Breaks Down How AEW Reflects Modern Wrestling



In the most recent episode of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam discussed the AEW product and its representation of modern wrestling.

This has led to AEW receiving a mix of positive and negative feedback.

RVD said, “My perspective on that is AEW is a lot more reflective of today’s current product, but I think the new young guys in WWE also represent the new product. They just seem to be a little more detached to the foundation, because of the corporate structure of WWE. All the agents, all the authority that trickles down to the talent keeps everybody abreast of when they’re crossing lines, when they’re doing things that aren’t done for a certain reason. I feel like, with AEW, it’s more free thinkers, maybe a little more ‘Hey, there’s no reason not to do this move.’”

“I think AEW and they’re talent, I think they’re like ‘Hey, you know what? I hear you. I’m not really listening. Eat my dust. We’re doing it. And we’re proving everybody wrong.’ So that’s their perspective. That’s what makes change. Is it good? Is it for the better, overall, in the big picture? It’s not good for the old-school foundation of what wrestling was, but if I’m going to accept that that’s a thing of the past, then what? Now I’ve got an open clear mind to look at it from a different perspective, and to judge it for what it is. Is it entertaining? F**k yeah. Are people watching it? Yeah. Is there a lot of talent? Absolutely. So I think we have to change our standards because the same product isn’t going to be offered anymore that used to be.”

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