Roxanne Perez – ‘My Anxiety & Depression ‘Storyline’ In NXT Was The Real Deal’


Earlier this year, Roxanne Perez was involved in a storyline where she was dealing with depression and anxiety.

During a recent appearance on the “Getting Over” podcast, the former WWE NXT Women’s Champion revealed that the “storyline” was the real deal as anxiety and depression is something she deals with in real life. She said,


“[It was] so meaningful. A lot of people don’t know, that was real, it wasn’t just a storyline. I do deal with anxiety. I’ve dealt with depression, and continue to, it’s something you try to work around and try to live with and find resources to help you deal with those things.”

She continued, “There is still a stigma around it, and I wanted to kind of break that stigma. Whether it was me suddenly talking about it and making it okay and normal to say, ‘I’m a WWE Superstar and I deal with anxiety.’ My main goal…I knew it was something I needed to watch on TV when I was a kid. I definitely knew that would have helped me. If I could help anyone, whether it be kids or adults, or anyone that needs to hear that someone else is going through that as well, then I’m glad to be the person to do that.”

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