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NewsSamoa Joe Says Taylor Swift Got Inspired By Wrestling, Mickie James/Fallon Henley

Samoa Joe Says Taylor Swift Got Inspired By Wrestling, Mickie James/Fallon Henley



During a recent appearance on the “In The Zone” podcast, former ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe compared the spectacle of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ to pro wrestling, noting that the pop icon’s style of production is inspired by wrestling.

Joe said, “I feel like what a lot of Swifties are experiencing, her music is great, but the production and spectacle, we’ve been doing it for years. Any pro wrestling fan who goes to that concert will recognize a lot of the same tactics we use to get the crowd hyped up. A lot of the mannerisms and things we do in the ring inevitably flow over into pop culture and the regular world. You see athletes and various other celebrities kind of mimicking things we do. I’m very proud of that and always will be. It’s a big part of why pro wrestling is part of Americana. It’s something ingrained in our culture, it’s fun, everyone likes to turn their brain off and suspend disbelief and have a good time. That’s definitely what we provide.”

Last week, WWE NXT Superstar Fallon Henley pitched a tag team to Mickie James, intending to chase the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

On a recent edition of the “Gabby AF” podcast, James discussed the possibility of the two teaming up, which she believes to be a cool idea.

James said, She did say the drinks are on her, and I do love a drink. I’ve been watching Fallon for a while because obviously there’s been some comparisons there, and there’s clearly some similarities there. I thought, ‘Oh, this is so cool.’ I didn’t think it was an homage to me or anything like that. There’s clearly more country girls in the world than just me. I just thought it was so special and it was unique, and I thought it was cool that she asked me to do that. She said ‘go for the titles,’ and I just need her to know, I only come to win. I don’t come to lose. So I’m down. I’m her huckleberry. But we’re gonna win.”

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