Wednesday, May 29, 2024
NewsSarah Logan Leaving Wrestling For The Foreseeable Future

Sarah Logan Leaving Wrestling For The Foreseeable Future



Sarah Logan, who was released from WWE in April, took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to reveal that she’s stepping away from wrestling “for the foreseeable future.” She said,

“Wrestling is all I’ve known since I was 17 so it’s time I let myself focus on other things and explored other parts of myself. My Instagram is going to be different but I promise it will always reflect me. So if you wanna take this crazy ride then buckle up because things have been moving faster than I can keep up. My efforts have been on @thewildandfreetv and that’s the best way to keep up. We’re releasing some awesome content. I don’t say this enough but I appreciate you guys and hope to see ya down the line.”

Logan said several weeks ago that she was training for a potential MMA fight.

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