Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks on Friday Night SmackDown

Sasha Banks Says NXT Lead Writer Once Said She Was “Just A Good Hand”


WWE Superstar “The Boss” Sasha Banks recently appeared on the web series “Cold as Balls” with Kevin Hart.

During the interview, which had been taped ahead of her walkout from WWE Monday Night RAW alongside tag partner Naomi, Banks said that during her NXT run, a lead writer for the brand had told her that she was simply “just a good hand”.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Sasha Banks on growing up as Snoop Dogg’s cousin: “He’s taught me so much along the way in this entertainment world. I remember going to WrestleMania with him at 16 years old, and I told him this is what I want to do….And he goes then I can’t wait to see you here.”

Sasha Banks on how she discovered WWE while scrolling through her television one day: “This is your calling, this is everything you’re supposed to be. This is your purpose.”

Sasha Banks also recalled a WWE NXT lead writer’s remarks, stating the writer told her she was just a good hand. At that moment, Banks decided to turn things up a notch and worked harder to become the NXT Women’s Champion.

You can check out the full interview, along with a funny lightsaber battle between Banks and Hart below:

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