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NewsScott D’Amore Approached Anthem Sports About Signing Will Ospreay

Scott D’Amore Approached Anthem Sports About Signing Will Ospreay



During a media call for Bound For Glory 2023, Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore revealed that he has spoken with Anthem Media about possibly signing Will Ospreay.

Ospreay wrestled at Bound For Glory 2023 and also worked the subsequent fallout TV tapings.

Ospreay’s contract with NJPW expires in February next year.

D’Amore said, Will Ospreay is arguably the greatest wrestler in the world right now. I don’t even know how that is disputable that 2023, Will Ospreay has had one of the greatest years of any wrestler in history. Any company that says they don’t want Will Ospreay at the center of their universe would be lying. Will has been honest and upfront about what’s happening and the fact that he’s going to be a free agent soon, and the second his contract expires, he becomes the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. Would we love to have Will Ospreay? Absolutely. He’s a great talent. You saw two examples of that this weekend. You saw him and Mike Bailey put on a match of the year candidate, and the people will see it in the upcoming weeks on IMPACT television, Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander went out there and put on an unbelievable match. Ospreay’s comments, both to Josh Alexander and about IMPACT Wrestling, it’s cool. You look at the greatest wrestler in the world, about to be the hottest free agent, and he’s sitting there saying, ‘I want to come to IMPACT Wrestling. When I was young, I dreamed of being in a TNA ring.’ That opportunity is open to Will Ospreay and I can tell you that I’ve had conversations with Anthem Sports and they’re well aware of who Will Ospreay is and what Will Ospreay is. I don’t know where Will Ospreay is going to end up, but he certainly has a seat at the table here, and a meaningful one where he can be at the center of a lot of the change we talk about. In the meantime, he said he wants to wrestle in a TNA ring, we have to get that done and get it done quick.”

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