Sean Waltman On Roman Reigns Blanking Out During His Promo With John Cena, Discusses Okada Being Ranked #1 On PWI’s List – More


Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was the most recent guest on the WZ Daily podcast. During the podcast, Waltman gave his thoughts on the possibility of Batista headlining next years WWE Hall Of Fame Class. Waltman also gave his opinion on Kazuchika Okada being ranked #1 on PWI’s top wrestlers list and more.

Here are the highlights:

Batista Possibly Headlining The 2018 Hall Of Fame Class:

“Yes, it’s the first I’ve heard about it when you mentioned it right now. Tremendous, that would great. I can’t think of a better person for it. If he wants to. He might have soured on the whole thing after his last run. I don’t think it was his fault, I just think he was used wrong.”

Kazuchika Okada Being Ranked #1 On PWI’s List:

“It’s all just subjective to people’s opinions but it’s hard to argue with. He’s had a stellar couple of years, he is the figure head of New Japan and I am okay with it, by a long shot. For sure.”

Roman Reigns Blanking Out During Him & John Cena’s Segment:

“I was just like, “Oh, no.” You want that segment to be good. Whatever you think of either of them, that’s a segment that needs to go out there and be successful. When Roman had the brain fart there that could have really killed that segment. At first I was like, “Man, Cena is being kinda harsh on him.” But no, not really, not really. He had to save that segment and he did. When he just started eating his lunch I was like: “Wow!” I know if I was thinking this was great TV, I know everyone else was too, regardless of why it was great.”

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