Sean X-Pac Waltman on Inspiring a Generation of Smaller Wrestlers


During an exclusive interview with Fightful, Sean X-Pac Waltman spoke openly about providing inspiration for smaller superstars of the next generation following him.

Fightful provided the following transcribed quotes:

“I always wanted to be 200 pounds, but it always floated around that area. Eh. I even got up to like 235 at one period, but not a good 235. Right after I got out of my third rehab. I see Seth Rollins come to the ring and they announce his weight and it’s under 220.
“The style that a lot of the guys, the mid-sized heavyweights are doing. It wasn’t just me that was doing it, there were other guys, but I was the one that got the opportunity. For one reason or another, I put myself at the right place at the right time. I’m not downplaying my ability, but there were several guys who brought that to the forefront in the states. No one worked the style there, even the small guys. Now it’s the prevalent style there.”

To see a video of the interview, click here.

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