Steve Austin Speaks Out – The Ranch, Retirement, Injuries


Steve Austin recently spoke to CowboysIndians about his ranch, his new website and a few moments of his career. Check out the highlights:

On his ranch: “I live in South Texas brush country, where everything that grows will cut ya, stick ya, or hurt ya. It’s not as pretty as the [Texas] Hill Country, but it’s effective for raising big deer…It’s a hunting ranch. That’s what I bought it for.”

On his problems with feral hogs: “[The pigs] tear up our roads and make holes and stuff like that. It’s not their fault. They’re pigs. It’s what they do. But from a ranching standpoint, you’ve got to take them out.”

On what he planned to do when he was younger: “I thought I was going to sell insurance with my dad.”

On the beginning of his career: “I was very aggressive and I was very competitive.”

On his retirement in 2004 due to his injuries: “It was time I rode off into the sunset.”

On his retired life: “At the ranch, that’s me in my el-ement in a relaxed state. Back in the day, in the ring, that was me in a work state. … It’s like actual combat, but it’s a soap opera.”

On his new website: “It’s my way to keep in touch with my fans and let them know what Steve Austin is doing in the wild outdoors.”

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