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NewsStone Cold Steve Austin Pays Tribute To 'Superstar' Billy Graham

Stone Cold Steve Austin Pays Tribute To ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham



The legendary ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham tragically passed away at the age of 79 earlier this week. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who was recently a special guest on Busted Open Radio, took the opportunity to pay tribute to Graham.

Austin did not shy away from lavishing praise on Graham. Expressing his admiration for him, he said,

“I was a huge fan of ‘Superstar’ and I remember when WWE made that DVD or whatever you wanna call it about him, 20 Years Too Soon: Superstar Billy Graham and he really was ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham. When he was working heel and trying to get heat, he had legit heat and he was all about the showbiz, right?… When you go to Japan, the veterans, they wouldn’t work light but those young guys in there, the ones going through the dojos, I mean, they’re damn near shooting. But Billy was all about that and putting on a show. He was a true showman, one of the greatest physiques, probably the best physique in the game at that time. Promos, just light years ahead of his time and I don’t mean this to be — he should’ve been the first Stone Cold because I was a heel and turned babyface but ‘Superstar’ was in those shows and Vince (McMahon) Sr., for some reason, whatever it was when he had that monster heel run, because he started becoming so popular, all they had to do was work that angle to turn him baby and it would have been freaking massive so, it would have been interesting to see what Vince Jr. would have done with the guy because I don’t know what happened there. Yeah, he was very influential, very charismatic, a complete showman and yeah, I loved the guy. I called him a couple times, this was way back in the day, talking to him about his career and he was certainly at a different level mentally than a lot of the guys were.”

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