The Good Brothers Nearly Re-Signed With Impact Wrestling Prior To Returning To WWE


The Good Brothers nearly re-signed with Impact Wrestling prior to returning to WWE.

Many of you may recall that the tag team were part of WWE from 2016–2020 before being released. They then wound up going on to join Impact Wrestling from 2020–2022. Eventually, the duo parted ways with Impact and wound up making their way back to WWE in 2022.


Speaking on a recent edition of their “Talk’n Shop” podcast, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows opened up on nearly re-signing with Impact Wrestling and being conflicted as to whether they wanted to return to WWE. Anderson said,

“[The offer] was great and we almost re-signed it, but there was just this personal thing that we needed to do. We just wanted to do a couple of really big shows in Japan.”

Anderson went on to say that they decided to add a month to their contracts with Impact Wrestling. On the final day of their short-term extended contract, Triple H texted them and asked whether they’d be interested in returning to WWE. Of course, they wound up accepting that offer in the end.

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