The Latest Health Update On Mae Young


The Post and Courier and Mike Mooneyham did a story on WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young who is currently under hospice care in Columbia, South Carolina. At one point she was scheduled to appear at this week’s “Old School” RAW in Baltimore.

Currently, one of Young’s kidneys is in the process of shutting down and she’s breathing with the assistance of an oxygen machine. She is back at home after recently being hospitalized but is constantly being monitored and really isn’t in good shape. She shares her home with former midget women’s wrestling star Diamond Lil (Katie Glass).

“She’s had a good, long life,” said former women’s champ Susan Green. “But things start wearing out by the time you get to be 90. She’s lived an amazing life. If all of us could be so lucky.”

Independent wrestler Johnny Cook, who works under the ring name Johnny Flex, trained under Young more than 20 years ago.

“She gave me that name and I kind of hung on to it,” says Cook.

Cook visited his mentor on New Year’s Day after learning of her failing health.

“She was very weak, but she could still carry on a conversation. But I didn’t make her talk too much. I just wanted to let her know what she meant to me and so many other people over the years.

“I told her to hang in there and that I hoped she got well. She knew exactly what I was telling her. If anybody could overcome this, Mae could. She’s a very strong-willed woman.”

The story goes on to state that while Young claims to be 90, some of her colleagues believe she is closer to 94.

We wish Mae all the best and will keep you posted as we hear more.

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