Tito Santana Explains Why He Has Turned Down WWE Job Offers


WWE Hall Of Famer Tito Santana was recently interviewed by GO Pro Wrestling to discuss several professional wrestling topics. You can see the highlights below:

Why he’s no longer interested in today’s pro wrestling product: “It’s a different ballgame,” said Tito. “We were a wrestling show, and now it’s a TV show. We had guys who were always teaching us, you know, when we were getting started, and you don’t have the teachers there anymore.


“And it’s not that important to be able to learn the business the way we learned it. Now, they have writers, who probably set up the whole thing. It’s a different ballgame. They don’t tell stories like we used to tell stories in the ring. They just go in there and they have a match.”

Turning down WWE offers: “They’ve approached me for different things, and I’m a full-time school teacher and I have no desire to be on the road,” said Tito. “Because it takes time to be on the road, I just don’t have the time to give to anybody. I pick and choose where I want to work now. I’m a full-time school teacher, a husband, and we own a small hair salon, and that keeps me busy enough.”

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