​TNA Producer/Agent Dave Lagana Posts A Photo Of The TNA Roster, Thanks Them After The UK Tour


TNA producer/agent David Lagana posted the following comments and photo on his Instagram account today…

You probably have seen this picture going around a lot today. It represents a lot of things to a lot of different people. I have loved wrestling for over 30 years. When you find it so young, it just sticks with you. I am sure 95% of the people in that picture have been lifelong fans since they were little too. It becomes your dream to follow and chase your dreams. What’s in this picture are those people who chased them the hardest and never gave up. The men and women in this picture are very special to me. Because we get to collaborate and grow together. There are those who make fun of posts like this – but the sum of their success are those insults and nothing further. I look at the faces of those in this picture and see so much growth. Are we where we want to be? Nope. Are we held back by the ideas of a single minded person – nope. We support and inspire each other by the work we do. This UK tour each year is exhausting as it’s not only long travel days and double tapings but sleep comes when you can get it. But when you get home and think about the quality of the work you produced – it makes it all worth. And those who are watching our shows – they see the difference. And we are not stopping. And I will never stop being proud of the people in this photo. #impactwrestling #ImpactOnPop #impactuk #tna #tnawrestling #inspire #instagood #creative #writing #wrestling #prowrestling #wwe #lucha #producer
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