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Don Callis – ‘I Didn’t Know Scott D’Amore Was Fired From TNA’



In February, Scott D’Amore was terminated from his position as the President of TNA Wrestling and was replaced by Anthony Cicione.

In a recent appearance on the “Battleground” podcast, Don Callis, who previously worked with D’Amore in TNA/Impact, stated that he has not had any communication with him regarding his departure from the Anthem-owned promotion.

Callis appeared to be unaware of D’Amore’s situation when asked about it. He said, 

“Sorry, sorry guys. What happened with Scott D’Amore? [Host says D’Amore is no longer with TNA.] See, I didn’t know that. I don’t speak to Scott, so I have no clue what’s gone on. If Scott’s unemployed, don’t feel bad for him. The guy’s worth about a hundred million dollars. So I think Scott D’Amore will be just fine. But I had no idea. Do we just send a card in these situations? I’ll send a condolence card to Scott if he’s out of work. But no red-tag days for Scott D’Amore. He’s worth a lot of money.”

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