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Mike Santana Addresses His TNA Return – ‘Papi Is Back!’



At Saturday night’s TNA Rebellion 2024 pay-per-view event, Santana returned to the company and defeated former TNA World Champion Steve Maclin in singles action.

Santana later took to Twitter to comment on his TNA return. He wrote,

“About last night…Trust yourself. Stick to your guns. Middle fingers to all the doubters. PAPI IS BACK! 👑🇵🇷 #TNAWrestling #TNARebellion #Trending #TheReturnOfTheRealest” 

Santana also addressed his return to the Anthem-owned promotion in a “Digital Exclusive” backstage promo.

You can check out some highlights from the promo below:

On making a statement with his return: “August 23, I made my way back into professional wrestling after digging myself out of a hole for 14 months, and I had my very first match in front of 80,000+ people. And I have not f***ing stopped since! Top of the indies, bottom of the indies! You come from Japan, you come from Mexico, Canada, the UK, it doesn’t matter! One by one, you have all fallen to the nastiest ever! And the best part about it is that I’ve done it all on my terms! I took my career in my hands, like a man! And look at me now, back home, back in TNA, and I just put down a former world champion and one of the best this company has to offer! *Laughs* One of the best. What bigger statement do I need to make? What bigger statement do I need to make?!”

On looking to gain the top spot: “I’m here for the top spot! So, everybody watching, everybody that’s sitting high in their tree, everybody that’s sitting comfortably, take a look at me. I’m gonna be real, I’m gonna say it to you now so that there’s no ‘He said, she said.’ There’s no bulls*** that needs to be spewed, you heard it from the source himself. I am coming for your f***ing spots! I’m coming for your spots. Now feast your eyes. You just witnessed the return of the motherf***ing realest.”

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