Tyler Bate Comments on NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff, His Vegan Diet, and More


During a recent interview with Joe.co.uk, Tyler Bate commented on the NXT Takeover: Cardiff event, his vegan diet and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On maintaining a vegan diet: “The biggest thing for me was making the connection between pets and other animals. I’d never eat my cat. So what makes it ok to eat other animals, when they have the same level of sentience as a cat?”


On the physical benefit: “I didn’t really think of it at first, but then when I looked into the health benefits I found out so much more. Dairy and meat are awful. When an animal is killed, they release stress hormones such as cortisol. When you eat these same animals, you consume the same hormones. And it definitely has an effect on people … My quality of sleep has improved – I’m getting a much better quality of sleep. People don’t think about it very often, but it’s the most important aspect of recovery. Other than that, general energy levels and digestion have also been much improved.”

On how he gets protein: “I eat a lot of chickpeas, but I don’t really worry about protein intake that much. I am far more conscious of vitamins and minerals in my diet, they make the real difference. For this, I eat a lot of nuts and seeds – and they are very high in protein too.”

On wrestlers asking about his diet: “A lot of wrestlers ask about it. Some try to catch you out, but most ask about things like protein intake.”

On NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, NJPW Royal Quest and All Out taking place on the same day: “Whether there are any of those shows on, we still always go out to put on best show that we can do. But it’s always good that there’s competition as it keeps us on our toes.”

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