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News​Updated Hardcore Roadtrip Card + Masked Republic iPPV

​Updated Hardcore Roadtrip Card + Masked Republic iPPV

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— Hardcore Roadtrip holds two events on Saturday, a 1 PM iPPV
taping and a 7 PM live event that will be filmed for DVD. The iPPV will be
available via Ustream VOD about 24 hours after the tapings. Here is the card for
the show…

HRT champion Angel vs. Rhino
Leah Von Dutch & Jazz vs.
Jewells & LuFisto
Christian York vs. Too Cold Scorpio
Masada vs. Jesse
Amato – Falls Count Anywhere. *P.D. Flex vs. D-Von
Rey Horus vs. Juventud
Colin Delaney vs. Buck Gunderson
“Manhattan Playboy” Benny
Martinez &”Man of Steel” Mike Verna vs. “Indestructible” Joe Ettel &
Talon vs. “The Handicapped Heroes” (Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron)
appearing are Luke Hawx, Kongo Kong, Al Coulter, Aiden Rayne, Frankie Villa, and

— Here is the lineup for Sunday’s Masked Republic iPPV, which
starts at 5PM ET and takes place at the former ECW Arena…

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. LA PARK
Campeonato de Maestros Champion
Solar vs. Negro Navarro
Campeanato de Minus del Mundo champion Mini Mariachi
vs. Pequeño Pierroth
Campeanato de Feminil de PWR champion Christina Von
Eerie vs. Sumie Sakai
Damien 666 & Bestia 666 & Sabu vs. Homicide
& BLK Jeez & Ruckus
Cassandro El Exotico vs. “Spartan” MDogg Matt
Ophidian The Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant vs. “3 Live
Gringos” Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy & Papadon

You can order the show at this link.

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