VIDEO: Pete Dunne Reacts To Retaining The WWE UK Title, Facing Off With WALTER

0 interviewed Pete Dunne following Saturday’s WWE Takeover: Blackpool event, where he commented on retaining his title against Joe Coffey and facing off with WALTER. He said,

“TakeOver’s always a completely different feeling. It’s even more special doing it in England. To come back to Blackpool, as well, it’s nostalgic and I’m just happy I got through it. I’m still the champ. Especially here, that’s where I made a name for myself in the first place. To be able to come back two years on and I look completely different. I feel like I wrestle different. I’ve got more confidence and this time I’ve got this [NXT UK Championship]. Last time, I came up short. This time I got the job done, so I’m ecstatic. Obviously, with a newborn baby, doing things like this are even more special now. I get to go home to her, spend time with her, and reflect now. I get to check myself and think about how far we’ve really come.”

When asked about his future plans for WWE NXT UK, he said: “Another TakeOver in the UK and who knows? WrestleMania, if I had it my way.”

You can check out a video of the interview below:

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