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NewsVince Russo Comments On WWE Corporate Fiasco: Interesting Theory, Possible Sale, More

Vince Russo Comments On WWE Corporate Fiasco: Interesting Theory, Possible Sale, More



On a recent edition of “The Wrestling Outlaws” podcast, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vince Russo addressed rumors of WWE being up for sale. He also suggested an interesting theory on WWE’s recent corporate fiasco.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the equation between the McMahons: “Here’s something very interesting, too. So stuff goes down with Vince; Vince goes home, Stephanie’s back. Towards the end of December and the beginning of January, there’s an exchange of emails between Vince and the board. And Vince is making his intentions clear to the board. I want to come back. I’m not going to approve any sale or any licensing rights unless I’m the Chairman of the company.”

“There was one email. The board writes him back. It basically says. Vince, it is unanimous that while you’re being looked at by the SEC and the Attorney General’s office, we do not think it’s a good idea that you come back to this company, especially as far as the shareholders are concerned. They said the vote was unanimous! Triple H, Nick Khan, and Stephanie are on the board! They had to be part of that unanimous board. So either this was a Stephanie, Khan and Triple H powerplay, or they were on the inside working for Vince.”

On Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund buying WWE: “I just really do hope what I do hope, Chris is that, at the end of the day, if there’s a sale and we have talked about that, I think…listen, bro, a deal with Saudi, I don’t think it’s good on many levels. The level I’m gonna talk about is they would continue to run WWE as is. With the good old boy network and the bubble.”

On Disney buying WWE: “If it were a legit entertainment company, if it were Disney, then all of a sudden, they came inside and looked at everything going on and the players in the game, you would see a completely different thing.”

“People will be held accountable. Nobody in wrestling is held accountable. That’s a problem. Ratings have been going down for 20 years, and you got the same people working on the show. That won’t happen in Disney.

On Disney crossing over with WWE: “You know what bro? Put the title on Mickey Mouse. Bro, let you and I be serious. We watch RAW and do a RAW review show. If Mickey Mouse was the champion, would you not be excited about that right now? Bro, if we are building Goofy as a heel. I mean, come on Chris. That would be better than what we are watching now! Come on EC3! Minnie (Mouse) turns on Mickey in the championship match! Bro, can you imagine getting heat on Winnie The Pooh? Bro, come on!”

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