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Brooke Adams Reveals Having Reality Show Talks, Talks Possible Last Match



Former TNA and WWE/ECW talent Brooke Adams recently joined‘s Jose Gonzalez for an exclusive interview. During the conversation, Adams commented on discussions for a potential reality show about her, a possible final match, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her discussions about a possible reality show: “Man, that is what we are working on. So my broker, his name is Washington Ho, and he had a show called House of Ho on, I think it was HBO. And I’ve just connected with him and Christy Huckleby. She is just like this Texas hen-type woman, right? So we started meeting with their producers, and we’re working on possibly a reality show, but they also might want to do something that’s more based on my family and the restaurant bar that my husband just opened. They love me. They’re like, you’re energy, and you’re crazy, and you’re wild. You sell cats.

“I sell exotic cats and then houses. So it’s just a lot. And then, of course, I’m that sports mom, and I do sports seven days a week. And they’re like, we can really do something with this. I’m like, f**k yes we can. Let’s do it.”

On who she’d pick for a possible last match: “Deonna. Yes. I would love to work with her again because I was her first match. I was her first match when she was a wee little thing, and I whooped her ass. And now I think we need to redo it and see what we can do again. But definitely Deonna. She’s insane. I love her. She’s grown so much. I love seeing somebody come in and what they’ve done with it. Just take the ropes and f**king run with it. You know what I mean? Not a lot of women do that. Not a lot of women can. And she was very shy, you know? She was very… timid and shy and sweet, and now she’s just like, yeah, I’m here, and I love to see it. She’s just incredible, so.”

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