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Backstage News On Who Leads The Production For WWE NXT & The Main Roster



The latest report from Fightful Select reveals more details about the current production and presentation of WWE NXT.

According to the report, Brian Fadem has been responsible for overseeing NXT’s overall television production, which Kevin Dunn previously managed.

Lee Fitting is currently supervising the television and production side for the main WWE roster, while Fadem heads up the NXT side.

Fadem has quickly adapted to his new responsibility and is more receptive to suggestions from the talent on camera shots and other production factors than Dunn’s restrictive style.

One source said of Fitting, “It was like he picked up someone else’s tools, cleaned them off, and used them like they were new again.”

Additionally, several names within NXT are also learning the lead production role.

The lead producer for the April 30th episode of WWE NXT was not Fadem but another individual whose name remains undisclosed.

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